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So another summer is upon us! Are you ready? Is your grill ready to light and cook for another summer? Not sure what lurks below the grates of your grill? Most people think turning the grill on and rubbing the grates with a nasty brush means your grills clean? Well Elite offers professional grill cleaning and summer kitchen restoration. Its funny most people will pay a pool cleaner, a maid and take their car to the carwash. But pay for a grill cleaning..... insane! Well see what we found in so called not so dirty grills. You many be alarmed!

See that white stuff on the left hand side that's mold! Yum! Do you even know what lurks inside your grill?

Grease builds up and every time your grill your bake the grease and over time it shellacs to a hard crust.... Number one cause of ignition failure. Grease grounds system out.

It's also important to clean hoods. Grease goes up and settles on surfaces. Over time it creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Let us keep it clean! Hood cleanings start at $50.

Rodent feces! Need I say more. You turn off your grill, it gets cold at night and this makes your grill a great place for rodents to sleep!

Yes this is the grill after! Results will vary, depends on your grills condition. But this grill is three years old. Not to shabby.

Like anything requiring regular maintenance. Let Elite keep your grill clean and sanitary this summer season and all year long!

Prices start at $100 and include, cleaning and re-sealing your granite counter tops. Cleaning all your stainless steel doors and equipment.

Tough shellac takes time to break down but over two or three regular cleanings we can remove the heaviest buildup.

The grill is completely disassembled. The burners are wire brushed to remove any scale or debris. electrodes are cleaned and degreased.  

Elite Outdoor Kitchens is a certified installer and dealer of Vent-a-Hood hoods and liners. We can design and build any shape or size hood to meet your design tastes as well as vent your grill area.

This hood features salted stucco finish over a contoured design. The Vent-a-Hood liner in this hood features Vent-a-Hoods famous Magic Lung! Backsplash is a dual layer granite muscarello over ubatuba gold. Solaire 30" infra-red grill.

Elite will create 3-D Renderings of your area and how it might look when its built. This was the final rendering but not the final design.

In the end the design changed and a refridgerator was added as was a sink disposal. the low shelf was canned for an elevated shelf half way up the back splash.

Your investing in a summer kitchen, you want to do it right! You want your investment to get you the best and most grill it can. Don't get caught up in the feature trap. Honestly, the more bells and whistles a grill has the more likely something can go wrong over time.
We do service, we know which grills light time and time again. There are many factors that need to be considered. Beware, many salesmen at the store push grills with big manufacturer kickbacks and a name, I work to sell grills to meet peoples needs. Yeah the big monster grill looks impressive but what if I told you technology can make a small grill cook better, faster, and more efficiently than a larger grill? What if I told you big appliance manufactures might not be the best choice, serious grills are made by companies that are passionate about outdoor cooking.

Do your research as every smart consumer should, but if you'd like our opinion on which grills we recommend and the ones we don't, please feel free to email me. We base our opinion on facts, not kickbacks. Regardless of your budget there is a grill that will meet all of your families needs and price point.

Recently went to the home hearth show in Orlando, not many of your big names in attendance. But one of my favorites was Solaire. With over 100 years in business not many other grill companies can boast such a heritage. Something to think about before you invest in an expensive grill and the manufacturer goes out of business.

How to Choose the Right Infrared Grill


More than just a grill, your outdoor kitchen is a place to entertain and live. In these times with upside down mortgages Elite will work with you and your budget to make the dream happen!

January 27th, 2009 - Elite will now carry Primo Ceramic Smoker Grills! We selected the Primo over other popular ceramic smokers based on a number of factors. Most importantly it's not green but that will save you green! For more information on Primo please click this link to their website. www.Primogrill.com

We all need to tighten our belts and save money in these difficult times. Well an outdoor kitchen can make cooking for your family less expensive and easier. Grills have advanced quite a bit since your dads weber charcoal unit.

Infrared and high BTU burners cook faster and more efficiently. So why cook inside and raise the temperature of your house cooking in your inside kitchen cook outside on you outdoor kitchen.

For those of you with electric cook tops a summer kitchen can save you even more since the power company just raised electric rates for most of us. LP or natural gas is way more affordable and you shop around to get the best rates with LP gas companies.

Finally, when the housing market finally recovers you will have added an option to your home that will add equity and make you house more desirable to home buyers. 

Elite Outdoor Kitchens becomes a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Feb 08 - We've recently become a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, this means a lot to us at Elite. It's not just a logo we get to display on our website, since day one we've tried to be more than a company that builds outdoor kitchens. As the owner of Elite Outdoor Kitchens I know it can be difficult to trust. When I started Elite, I wanted to find a way for clients to trust us from day one. Our no money down until we deliver you equipment and start your job was one aspect that helped. But I felt committing to the high ethical pledge that the Better Business Bureau demands would help us further achieve that goal. We will try to set your expectations and then hopefully exceed them. We treat every job as if it were being done at our own home, everything gets handled with care. We now have our own dedicated granite fabrication shop and we normally turn every job around in less than 3 weeks. Our goal is to create a place in your house were your friends and family will share memories and enjoy great times for years to come.
My hope is that this logo will signify that we are committed to building trust and standing behind everything we do. Were not for the short term, Elite Outdoor Kitchens is here to stay and continue to be major player in the outdoor kitchens market throughout Central Florida. We are forming partnerships with other business that are above the rest and together my company and these other exceptional firms will help you achieve your home improvement goals.

John DiGioia

Elite Outdoor Kitchens makes it happen! Your outdoor dreams, become reality!

Allow Elite Outdoor Kitchens to turn your outdoor dreams into reality. Whether it’s a full featured bar, fireplace or summer kitchen, Elite can make it happen! We specialize in stone facade, texture matching, tile or granite counter tops.

No matter your budget or project, Elite can build it all! Interested in custom cooking stations, like Asian Wok cooking or South American Wood burning grills, talk to us we'll design to your specifications!